New constraints from the Electron Ion Collider
Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory

New constraints from the Electron Ion Collider

On the 9th of January 2020, Brookhaven National Laboratory was chosen as the site for building an Electron-Ion Collider (EIC).

The EIC [See this page for more details] will bring high-energy electrons into head-on collisions with high-energy protons or atomic nuclei. As they pierce through the larger particles, the high-energy electrons will interact with the internal microcosm to reveal unprecedented details-zooming in beyond the simplistic structure of three valence quarks bound by a mysterious force.

I’m currently involved in writing the Physics yellow report of the EIC which has the purpose of advancing the state and detail of the documented physics studies and detector concepts in preparation for the realization of the EIC.

More particularly, I’ll be working on studying the impact of the new data from the EIC on nuclear parton distribution functions, as well as other features like the proton strangeness (which is poorly determined), etc.

For more information see Talk on EIC impact results using Z-analysis